Social Advertising

Dedicated Facebook & Instagram Advertising Specialists


When working with Preferred Social you are assigned your own advertising account manager who handles all of your companies digital media efforts. Your account manager is available to set up weekly calls to go over current strategies, review your results as well as the data from your advertisements. This individual is here 9-5pm and we encourage you to call them if you have any questions, or if you just want an update on your current campaigns performance.


Depending on your company’s goal of the campaigns whether it be increasing engagement, visibility or leads and sales we provide you with the strategy and full transparency of what we will be implementing on your accounts throughout the month.

Using Facebook & Instagram to Your Company’s Advantage


Many companies use Facebook as an extra revenue stream for their business. Others, aren’t quite sure exactly how to utilize Facebook to their companies benefit, as they may find the ad platform to confusing, they may think their target audience isn’t on Facebook, or they may have tried briefly but didn’t see a return quick enough. When used the right way Facebook can be the difference in your companies failure or success.


That’s where we come in. We have had numerous clients come to us and tell us that Facebook isn’t for their business, or ‘We tried facebook, and it didn’t work’, and that usually isn’t the case, they just didn’t give it enough of an effort. You don’t hire someone off the street to do your plumbing, right? You hire a plumber. The point being, you can’t expect to get results by just throwing up a few ads and magically expecting the sales to start flooding in. Having a specialist run your ads, someone who has done this for years, notices trends with what works and what doesn’t, has tested every ad setting and feature on the platform already has a better starting point then someone just starting out.

Advanced Targeting Using Audience Insights Data


After viewing comprehensive audience insights on your audiences and knowing the ages, gender, locations, interests and more on your target demographic, we make sure your ads are only being placed in front of the people who would be interested in what you are offering. We’ll put together an audience of very similar people to your current customers, matching similar spending behaviors, interests, locations and more.


Targeting is one of the most important steps to making your campaigns successful. If your targeting is too broad the message won’t connect enough with them. If your audience is too specific it won’t be large enough to scale. There is a fine line when creating your targeting to make sure you’re connecting the right message to the right people.

Proven & Tested Advertising Strategies 


Having ran thousands of ad campaigns and managing monthly budgets of six-figures, our team has specific strategies dialed in for specific niches.


We don’t waste our clients ad spend, we already know which strategies convert and which not to try because they have a lower success rate. We have data from the thousands of campaigns we ran that tell us which ad set settings / campaigns have a better chance at succeeding. Simply put, we know the ins and outs of Facebooks algorithm and auction / bidding system, and our clients results reflect that.